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We build AI for forerunners

We’re experienced in building smart solutions for industrials and healthcare providers who use AI to improve operational efficiency, automate manual processes, identify new business opportunities or build greener and cleaner operations.

The solutions we build vary across industry, but our core competence is always in applying AI – because today’s winners are the ones who are ready to build on latest research and harness breakthrough technologies in their everyday processes.

Improving operational efficiency

Improving operational efficiency

  • We've improved quality through automated, more accurate defect spotting (from process parameters or computer vision)
  • We've reduced downtime through predictive maintenance
  • We've improved availability through optimised use of equipment and demand prediction
Automating manual tasks

Automating manual tasks

  • We've automated reporting analysis through computer vision for image and video data, NLP for written text
  • We've automated diagnosis and treatment analysis for medical images utilising computer vision
  • We've improved resourcing through automatic handling of incoming support requests using NLP and software automation
Greener and cleaner operations

Greener and cleaner operations

  • We've created automated, more accurate separation in recycling through a combination of computer vision, software automation and robotics
  • We've optimised chemical usage in water treatment for improved quality
  • We've predicted changes in water quality from inflow water parameters
New business opportunities from data-driven services

New business opportunities from data-driven services

  • We've supported transformation from product-centred sales into result-oriented service sales with the help of digital, data-driven services
  • We've increased customer commitment and added revenue from add-on digital services for customers using own and customer production data
Smart customer service

Smart customer service

  • We've used NLP to derive new customer insights from different channels
  • We've improved customer experience by making the chatbot more conversational and competent
Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

  • We've identified maintenance needs from images
  • We've developed soft sensors to predict maintenance needs

Solutions for industrials

We help companies improve operational efficiency, automate manual processes, decrease manufacturing downtime and identify new business opportunities from data-driven services.

For industrials

Solutions for healthcare providers

We help hospitals improve drug logistics management, medical reporting, predictive care and patient safety.

For healthcare

Our AI solutions are currently deployed in hundreds of factories, hundreds of thousands of chatbot conversations and thousands of data administration processes.




  • Production disturbance prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sales & demand forecasting
  • Churn prediction
  • Next purchase date prediction


  • Production disturbance situation type classification
  • Fraud detection
  • Natural damage prediction


  • Lead segmentation
  • Intelligent customer segmentation


Object detection

  • Automated image-based reporting
  • People & traffic flow analysis
  • Safety equipment monitoring
  • Access control

Image classification

  • Production line quality assurance


Text classification

  • Ticketing automation for service requests, customer feedback and reporting

Sentiment analysis

  • Feedback analysis
  • Chatbots

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