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AI is becoming integral to our lives, influencing everything from the broader society to individual businesses and our daily routines and work. But what exactly does this mean? How is AI shaping our future?

AaltoAI & Smartbi

In the Dataset by AaltoAI & Smartbi podcast, we examine the world of AI. Whether you're involved in AI research, software development, or business leadership or are just a student interested in technology, Dataset by AaltoAI & Smartbi provides insights into how AI impacts our society and business practices. Join us as we examine how AI alters how we think, work, and live.

Each episode explores AI's present and future, providing listeners with practical examples of its effects across different sectors. With the help of Finland's leading experts, we dive into AI's opportunities, challenges, and ethical considerations. Our discussions give university researchers, industry innovators, and technology leaders a platform.

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