We’re a Nordic AI agency, founded in 2018 and currently 15 AI-specialists strong, that focuses on helping leading industrials and healthcare providers build AI solutions to automate their processes.

Our core competence is in applying artificial intelligence in practice – because today’s winners are the ones who are ready to build on latest research and harness breakthrough technologies in their everyday processes.

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Welcome to the world of production-grade AI

It’s time to peel off the glamour – artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science aren’t buzzwords of the future, but business as usual for today’s forerunners.

Although improved operational efficiency, automated manual tasks and greener production cycles seldom make headlines, it’s in these seemingly invisible processes that the real value of AI lies.

The good news is, you don't have to start building from scratch – the world is full of semi-finished AI just waiting to be applied. At Smartbi, we help you find the right technologies for each business problem. Sure, we can build proof-of-concepts and identify early business opportunities in AI, but what we do best is turn these into production-grade solutions before your competition does.

Choose Smartbi when you want to:

Solve a genuine business problem

We have expertise in various industries and business perspective to find the optimal use cases for your data. That’s where our projects always start from.

Implement rapidly

The world is full of semi-finished AI applications and new research. We follow the advances in the field and apply the latest technologies to solve your business cases. We strongly believe that even the most complex problems benefit from simple solutions.

Work on a familiar platform

Instead of advocating selected technological solutions or suppliers, we always prefer the most suitable solutions and suppliers for the customer.

Strengthen your team’s own AI capabilities

We want our customer’s teams to learn by collaborating with us – not be dependent on us. That’s why we share all our methods and work together in joint teams.

How we work


The exact business case for AI/ML is clarified through careful data analysis and simulations. Results are broken down into possibilities, limitations, metrics and KPIs, after which the ideal solution is designed and documented.


The first fully functional model is tested with real-world data. This acts as a proof for the concept, validating the business case and the model as an optimal solution for it. Green light – and we’re off to production.


The model is integrated with data sources and put to real-world use. Over the next weeks, the solution is fine-tuned until it reaches production-grade performance. This is the endgame we’re unbeatable at.

Our team

Our constantly growing team consists of data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI developers and business professionals.

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Mika Koivula
Mika Koivula

Mika Koivula



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Kalle Kyyrö
Kalle Kyyrö

Kalle Kyyrö



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Emil Sievinen
Emil Sievinen

Emil Sievinen

Chief Data Scientist


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