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Companies shouldn't have to rely on operational models from the industrial era.

We find new business opportunities from data and build production-grade AI solutions that enhance your operational capabilities and enable you to automate manual processes.

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Trusted partner of industrials

We build production-grade AI solutions for industrial leaders like Caruna, Kemira and Stora Enso, as well as European healthcare providers and hospitals. Our core competence is in applying artificial intelligence to real-world use – because today’s winners are those who are ready to build on latest research and harness breakthrough technologies in their everyday processes.

Technologies we use


Predictive applications


  • Forecasting malfunctions
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Forecasting sales and demand
  • Forecasting wastage


  • Type classification of malfunctions
  • Fraud identification
  • Forecasting natural damage factors


  • Sales leads segmentation
  • Intelligent customer segmentation

Computer vision

Object identification

  • Automated image-based reporting
  • Automated analysis and management of access control
  • Monitoring of safety equipment

Image classification

  • Quality control of the production chain

Natural language processing (NLP)

Text classification

  • Ticketing automation, for example, in areas such as customer service, customer feedback and reporting

Sentiment analysis

  • Analysis of customer feedback
  • Chatbots

Industrials AI opportunities

Enhancing operational activities

→ Enhance quality assurance by automating factory malfunctions recognition

→ Minimize downtime by creating predictive maintenance

→ Improve availability with predictive inventory optimization

Automate manual tasks

→ Automate image, text, and video data analysis with computer vision

→ Automate diagnoses and maintenance reports with computer vision

→ Improve resourcing with customer service ticket automation

More environmentally friendly operations

→ Automate sorting and recycling processes with the help of computer vision and robotics

→ Improve water purification quality by automating the optimization of used chemicals

→ Forecast changes in water quality by leveraging inflow data

New business opportunities

→ Transform from a product-driven sales process to a data-driven

→ Improve customer care and create incremental value by leveraging existing data

Intelligent customer service

→ Produce new information about customer needs from different sources using NLP

→ Improve customer experience by making your chatbot more talkative and knowledgeable

Predictive maintenance

→ Recognize pre-emptively targets needing maintenance from image flow

→ Leverage our developed soft sensors to predict needs in maintenance

Smartbi has the ability to customize their wide service offering – from concept and service design to business development and data modeling – to fit the customer’s needs.

Markus SeppäläDirector of Digital SolutionsKemira


Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries. We have worked as Kemira’s partner in projects of various scope and complexity.

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