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We create tailored AI solutions – because the best end result is always tailor-made.

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End-to-end AI solutions

We build AI solutions using predictive applications, machine vision and natural language processing. We don't limit our services to any specific technologies or platforms, so we are always able to find and apply the right technologies to solve the right business problems.

Technologies we use


Predictive applications


  • Forecasting malfunctions
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Forecasting sales and demand
  • Forecasting wastage


  • Type classification of malfunctions
  • Fraud identification
  • Forecasting natural damage factors


  • Sales leads segmentation
  • Intelligent customer segmentation

Computer vision

Object identification

  • Automated image-based reporting
  • Automated analysis and management of access control
  • Monitoring of safety equipment

Image classification

  • Quality control of the production chain

Natural language processing (NLP)

Text classification

  • Ticketing automation, for example, in areas such as customer service, customer feedback and reporting

Sentiment analysis

  • Analysis of customer feedback
  • Chatbots


Caruna distributes electricity and builds, maintains and repairs an electrical grid for ∼700,000 people. We built a computer vision application to help identify damages to their 87,300 kilometre long electrical network.

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Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries. We have worked as Kemira’s partner in projects of various scope and complexity.

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How we work


We identify the business case

The exact business case for AI/ML is clarified through careful data analysis and simulations. Results are broken down into possibilities, limitations, metrics and KPIs, after which the ideal solution is designed and documented.


We validate the concept

The first, fully functional model is tested with real-world data. This acts as proof for the concept, validating the business case and the model as an optimal solution for it. Green light – and we’re off to production.


We build a production-grade solution

The model is integrated with data sources and put to real-world use. Over the next weeks, the solution is fine-tuned until it reaches production-grade performance. This is the endgame we’re unbeatable at.

Smartbi has the ability to customize their wide service offering – from concept and service design to business development and data modeling – to fit the customer’s needs.

Markus SeppäläDirector of digital solutionsKemira

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