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Caruna distributes electricity and builds, maintains and repairs an electrical grid for ∼700,000 people. We built a computer vision application to help identify damages to their 87,300 kilometre long electrical network.


Reliable electricity supply is paramount to Caruna. As their electrical network spans multiple regions, supervision and maintenance is time-consuming, particularly in rural areas. Caruna had developed a system to photograph and monitor their electricity distribution components, but manually processing thousands of photographs was laborious. Caruna approached us with the task of creating a computer vision algorithm that could accelerate supervision and maintenance.


We developed and trained a computer vision algorithm to analyze images of electricity distribution components and pre-process them for abnormalities / faults and categorize them based on their types. After a successful pilot, we designed and created an application that Caruna’s maintenance team now uses to support their work.

Technologies used:

  • Custom solution, comprising a computer vision based object detection module and a rule-based anomaly detection module
  • Modern web app user interface for ease of access and control, deployed on cloud infrastructure


The application has decreased the amount of images that Caruna’s employees need to manually process by 50%. As more material is collected, the algorithm and application can be developed further to streamline this process or add new use cases.

Smartbi not only built a technically solid computer vision application, but also designed a very user-friendly interface for it.

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