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“We have data but...” – is a phrase we aim to eliminate from your vocabulary using a series of development sprints uniquely designed for your company.

With two-week sprints, we make sense of your data, analytics, and AI projects, and help you to prioritize them.

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Development sprints

AI sprint

The AI sprint maps your organization's most profitable artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. By optimizing and anticipating, frontrunner companies increase their bottom line. The final product is a prioritized project and AI map - without jargon.

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Datasprint combines siloed and known data sources within a single action plan – intending to reduce pain points within the organization and increase cooperation between departments. The final product is a clear project and data map - without nonsense.

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Analytics sprint

The analytics sprint identifies business needs for using siloed information more effectively when analyzing historical data or generating forecasts. It creates a comprehensive snapshot using both internal and external data sources. This approach generates a significantly clearer situational overview than traditional dashboards, resulting in a precise situational assessment and a concrete action plan, minus the jargon.

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“A concrete action plan for your operational bottlenecks in two weeks”

Smartbi's development sprints are a fast track for curious companies that believe in harnessing data and AI's potential but haven't started yet.

Our experts immerse themselves in your company's data-driven business opportunities for two weeks and make a plan for their implementation.

You benefit from sprints if:

  • You are responsible for or involved in development projects, industrial processes, or automation
  • Your organization has identified development goals in manual processes
  • Your organization has a wealth of data from different sources, yet its data architecture limits its utility, particularly for tasks like forecasting or creating an operational
  • You have ideas for utilizing data or AI
  • You need help in defining and prioritizing data and AI projects

Start on Monday, done in two weeks


Week 1

Background interviews

We interview the most relevant stakeholders in your organization (e.g., business, IT, experts) - to understand your business problems and opportunities.

Compilation of findings

We comprehensively analyze the findings from which we summarize the most important projects for your organization.


Week 2

Validation of projects

We validate and prioritize the most important projects in your organization. We produce a comprehensive suitability assessment based on preliminary validation.

Presentation of project map

We go through the finished project map together and define the next steps to achieve your goals.

What you will receive:

What it requires:

→ Development project value analysis

Value analysis of 3-10 potential data, analytics or AI projects

Start interviews (1h x 2–5 people)

Project budget expenses

Budget expenses for each project

Validating the findings (2h)

Prioritized action plan

The potential development projects prioritized on a benefit-price-complicateness-roadmap

Action plan walkthrough (2h)

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