Smartbi combines data science with business understanding to build production-grade AI/ML solutions for industry-leading companies and organisations.

We prefer projects where proof-of-concept is not an end goal, but a step before production.


Other case examples

Improvement of operational efficiency
Quality improvement through automated, more accurate defect spotting (from process parameters or computer vision)
Downtime reduction through predictive maintenance
Availability improvement through optimised utilisation of equipment and demand prediction
Automation of manual tasks
Automated reporting analysis through computer vision for image and video data, NLP for written text
Diagnosis and treatment analysis automation for medical images utilising computer vision
Resourcing through automatic handling of incoming support requests utilising NLP and software automation
Greener and cleaner operations
Automated, more accurate separation in recycling through a combination of computer vision, software automation and robotics
Optimising chemical usage in water treatment, for improved quality
Predicting changes in water quality from inflow water parameters
New business opportunities from data-driven services
Transformation from product-centred sales into result-oriented service sales with the help of digital, data-driven services
Increased customer commitment and added revenue from add-on digital services for customers, utilising own and customer production data

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