Upgrading healthcare into the smart hospital era.

A safe, efficient and connected hospital doesn’t need to be rebuilt from scratch – we help upgrade your processes into smarter ones. We build AI solutions that boost drug logistics management, medical reporting, predictive care and patient safety.

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Trusted AI partner for leading industrials and healthcare providers

We build production-grade AI solutions for leading industrials like Caruna, Kemira and Stora Enso, as well as European healthcare providers and hospitals. Our core competence is in applying artificial intelligence in practice – because today’s winners are the ones who are ready to build on latest research and harness breakthrough technologies in their everyday processes.

Predictive patient care

Predictive patient care

to optimize care pathways.

Plan patient transfers, shorten treatment queues and forecast resource needs effectively.

  • Forecast hospital bed availability and occupancy
  • Predict patient care pathways and required personnel
  • Avoid long queues in ER by directing patients
Predictive drug logistics management

Predictive drug logistics management

to minimize lag time.

Ensure availability and prevent expiration of drugs using predictive logistics solutions.

  • Forecasting drug use and expenditure
  • Optimizing logistics of other materials
  • Predictive maintenance of other clinical equipment
Smart and safe hospital

Smart and safe hospital

for both patients and practitioners

Decrease risk of danger and improve security and surveillance without jeopardizing privacy

  • Identify and automatically detect emergencies or situations that demand medical attention, such as patients that have fallen over
  • Identify medical personnel from video surveillance and alert personnel if unauthorized people are in the area
Automated data processing

Automated data processing

so your personnel can focus on patient care

Streamline administrative work, freeing time for patient care

  • Enhance assessment of treatment needs by identifying key symptoms or details from text
  • Create automatic consultation suggestions for the right specialists based on medical reports



that increase patient safety and security and improve medical practitioners’ productivity

joilla parannetaan potilasturvallisuutta sekä tehostetaan hoitohenkilökunnan työtä

Predictive technologies can be used to:

  • help plan treatment paths
  • decrease queues
  • improve patient experience
  • streamline logistics


that ensures patient safety and hospital operability

Computer vision can be used to:

  • improve patient safety
  • improve access to treatment
  • decrease human error
  • support surveillance


that frees time for patient care

Natural language processing can be used to:

  • improve diagnosis
  • decrease administrative work
  • improve staff satisfaction
  • support medical reporting

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