Smartbi combines data science with business understanding to build production-grade AI/ML solutions for industry-leading companies and organisations.

Our team consists of data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI developers and business professionals.


Welcome to the era of production-grade AI/ML

It’s time to peel off the glamour. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are becoming production-grade technologies – i.e. business as usual. For today’s forerunners, that’s already the case.

“Let’s collect data – the new oil” and “look at my proof-of-concept” no longer carry against industry leaders who have harnessed AI and ML to boost their core of business. Improved operational efficiency, automated manual tasks or greener production cycles might not make headlines but they sure bring euros below the line. It’s the seemingly invisible processes where the real application value of these technologies surfaces.

At Smartbi, we have witnessed this shift and specialised in managing it. Sure we also know how to lay down the AI/ML foundations and build POCs. But what we are the best at, is turning those into production-grade solutions before your competition does.

This is why:


We have expertise in various industries and business perspective to find the optimal use cases for your data. That’s where our projects always start from.


Our best-in-class data scientists, machine learning engineers and AI developers use the latest technologies with focused efforts to solve the business case.


Instead of advocating selected technological solutions or suppliers, we always prefer the most suitable solutions and suppliers for the customer.


We want our customer’s teams to learn by collaborating with us – not be dependant on us. That’s why share all our methods and work together in joint teams, if wanted.


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